It’s Summer, Time for Fun!

As I am writing this blog post, we are on the road for vacation, headed to our usual spot, Lancaster, PA.  We love it there. I will write a blog post about our vacation fun another day, but for now, I’d like to talk about Summer Style! Over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, I talk about how summer is the perfect time to bring out the fun stuff.  I’m talking Colors! Sandals! Bright jewelry and accents! Pom poms!!!!!


Wait, did I just say Pom poms? Maybe the heat has gotten to me, because here in Virginia it does get really hot, really fast.  Why would I, miss edgy dark lady, like Pom poms?!?


Because, my friends, it’s summer time and in summer time, you can let out your inner crazy. For me, fun accessories are a must when it’s 200 million degrees outside.  They have a way of distracting you from the heat.


And because I have a lot of things to say on this topic, and because there are a lot of brands I’d like to feature, I’ve split the topic of summer accessories into two parts.  So, In my post at Fredericksburg Parent, this week,  I talk about clutches.  Bright, fun, Pom Pom adorned clutches.  So go on over and check that out.  Come join me in my crayon box! I have enough Pom poms and glitter for everyone!!!!!


Stay tuned for next weeks topic all about summer jewelry! More color, tassels and fun! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy our week away with my little loves (and my big one too)


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Be Like a Firework…

It’s that time of year again! The Fourth of July is right around the corner, can you believe it? Summer has arrived. Here in Virginia, I haven’t seen our firework stands opened yet, so it hasn’t quite hit me yet that summer is officially here.

Admittedly, the Fourth is not my favorite holiday.  But I thought that I would discuss style associated with it.  Yes, red, white and blue…stars and stripes and flags, oh my!!!

Over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, I talk about different ways to do “patriotic” that might not be the usual flag tshirt and whatnot. I tried to use what I had in my closet and tried to make up outfits that use versatile pieces.

Even my husband was kind of in the spirit when we did this little Fourth of July inspired photo shoot, except, he didn’t have any red on.  He’s the white and blue to my red.  LOL.  Maybe he should have grabbed a red tie? I don’t even know. Or, I could have worn a red dress and stood next to him! Next time.

Are you ready for the Fourth of July? Have any fun plans? Going to any parties or BBQ’s? Did you remember to invite me?!? That’s ok.  I ain’t mad at ya.


Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and check out my post.  It’s the least you can do since you forgot to invite me to the party.  😉 Lol.



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Style and Adventure

Yes, I love heels, dresses, jewelry and all things girly, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy being outdoors. Now, hang on, let me clarify…I do not enjoy camping in tents, and I do not enjoy truly roughing it.  I don’t enjoy being isolated in the wilderness with bears and giant mosquitoes and sweating so much that I could cry. But I do love finding a balance between the extremes.


I really do love nature, history, exploring and adventuring but in a more controlled sort of way. Granted, these days, our adventures are limited, but we try to make the best out of what’s around us.  I’ve always tried to foster in my kids a love of nature and a sense of wonder and awe at the world around us.


Luckily, for us, we live in an area that’s full of history, beauty and nature. This is one of our favorite spots here in Fredericksburg, VA.  It’s Chatham Manor, and it’s the perfect balance of history, nature, and adventure.  This fish pond will keep my kids busy for hours.  And it’s just so peaceful!



I get asked a lot what my kids do while Matt is taking my pictures for the blog.  In the past, Matt has always given them his phone to do Pokémon, which was usually followed with fighting and complaining. But this time, I gave them a container and told them to collect things that interest them.  No phones required.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against using phones when needed to entertain young kids.  But when you can, try thinking of another way, and you might be surprised! Look at the beautiful things that my kids found,  and even a snake skin!!!



A note about the snake skin, my son told me that I should make a belt out of it… he’s hilarious.  It’s funny that he thought of that and mentioned it to me, his stylish mama.  But in all seriousness, they collected their treasures for probably an hour.  They were so engrossed in their treasure hunt that Matt and I had time to take a few pictures and even just sit awhile and think. No phones required.


It’s really a win-win.  We have fun and, for me at least, I find peace and inspiration.  The colors, the textures… it’s all inspirational and a great way to find clarity in an often chaotic world.


So, I encourage you, my stylish friends, to get out there.  You can be stylish and explore.  Marvel at the snake skins and magnolia trees…and round green seed things that look like grapes but aren’t.  Walk down the path that has weird flying bug things without fear.  They weren’t mosquitoes, so rock on.


Stay tuned for more summer related posts coming up in the next few weeks.  I will be taking about the Fourth of July, summer accessories, vacation style, and travel.



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