Oh, For F’s Sake…

What am I talking about? Head on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent and find out! Don’t worry, it’s not THAT word. It could be “Fall” because it’s Fall y’all!!!!!

Or maybe funny, or family, fashion, feline, female, forecast….

Head on over, here, and find out!  Also, if you haven’t read my post about styling denim jackets, find that one here.  It was my September magazine column piece, and, since fall is officially here now, it’s a great time to break out the denim jackets.

In the meantime, if you need me, i will be enjoying all things fall, especially these spiked pumpkins!

Except I will pass on pumpkin spice flavored stuff, I’m not a fan.  Shocking, I know.



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Hi, I’m Lorraine

Hey everyone welcome back.  I have a new post up over at Fredericksburg Parent, guess what it’s about? Just maybe, it’s a look into my past.  After all, I have been blogging here for well over a year, and I figure it’s about time to spill some secrets.  LOL.  Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give it a read. I take it all the way back to the crazy thing called high school…

I was very different…well, actually no, I wasn’t.  I am pretty much the same person, just less reckless.  And see, even way back then…I loved me some wine and beer, I regret the Corona though. LOL.  Yes, I am over 21 here folks, thanks.


Don’t worry, in the Fredericksburg Parent post, here, I go into a bit more detail about the journey back from being reckless and uninspired.  College was better, because isn’t it usually? LOL.  For me, it probably saved my life.  See… I was so much happier, less drunk (sort of) and more determined to fix myself before I wrecked myself.


And, actually I am still this goofy girl…that part of me hasn’t changed.  Perhaps it has morphed into sarcasm and less goof…but yeah…same.


Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give it a read.  Let me know what you think!




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How To Wear It: The Trench Coat

Hey everyone.  How are you? I’ve been thinking about starting a new little series, over at my Fredericksburg Parent blog, called “How To Wear It”, where I show you a few different  went ways to style an item. So, let’s kick it off with a classic item: the trench coat. It’s on trend for fall, especially in plaid or tweed.  Find the full post, here.

Now, to be honest, I haven’t been wearing longer style coats in quite a long time.  I tend to prefer cropped motto style jackets.  However, I really do need to step out of my comfort zone, I have to practice what I preach right?

Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give the post a read.  I hope to inspire you to try a trench, or if you are already on the trench train, new ways to style it.



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