Father’s Day and Men’s Fashion

Hi everyone! Sorry to be a bit MIA and slow with blog posts.  I’ve been stepping back a bit from typing and writing… about a month ago I messed up my shoulder.  And well, turns out I have Bicep Tendonitis which happens to flare every time I type or edit or do any everyday stuff really… and it’s my right arm, and I am right handed, so that’s rough.


But anyways, I’m on the mend-ish, with restrictions, tiger balm, pain meds, and KT Tape. I Still won’t be typing a whole bunch.  I apologize if you’ve missed me 😉. Or if you think you might miss me at some point, LOL.

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My latest column for Fredericksburg Parent Magazine is about men’s fashion! You can see the digital version of my column here.  And, it’s the blog post for this week as well.  They make each column into a blog piece as well, so it saves me from typing, and I can rest my arm a bit more. Find that here.

I’ve been trying to get my husband to branch out a bit in his style choices.  I even got him a Wantable box fitness edit… he hates these pants (they are like athletic Pants)… but ahem, he might have to keep them 😂😊.

I’ll post a blog post comparing his Wantable fitness box and mine, when it comes.  So be on the look out for that.




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Speak Up… Stand Up…Enough

I am taking a step away from a style this week. For those that don’t know me well, I tend to be a very fiery and passionate person.  I’m a deep thinker, and often I find I need to set my thoughts free.  That’s what I did this week over  on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent. I encourage you to go and read it.



It’s not an easy post to write.  I walk a very fine line, not wanting to turn people away who have differing opinions.  However, the purpose of the post isn’t to get people angry.  The purpose is to get people WORKING.  Working on fixing a major problem…a home grown problem… I’m talking about school shootings.



Yes. A style blogger who will discuss real issues, not just fashion issues.  As a mom, as a human, the inaction that’s plaguing this nation in regards to the safety of our kids is sickening.  There isn’t another way to say it.



Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give it a read.




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Just for laughs.

hi! This week I have a special treat for you, a look behind the scenes at some of my photo shoots… a look into the funny, awkward moments that were caught on film.  😂 I have quite a few.  Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent to see for yourself!

I also run quality control during shoots 😂


Hilarious.  Jump on over to Fredericksburg Parent to see the rest.  Take a break from life and laugh with me.



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