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Hey everyone! Welcome back.  Anyone else feeling like this summer is dragging a bit? I do. Usually when mid July hits, I start feeling a bit…tired.  Tired of the routine, tired of the constant kid noises, tired of all it. It’s about this time that I’m ready for the kids to go back to school.

To break me out of the summer funk, I decided to write this week’s blog post all about a few new pieces in my closet, and a few new beings in our house… head on over to Fredericksburg Parent to get the scoop.


Here’s a hint…

The babies. Apparently, they love the stairs. #kittens

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Yes, new little loves! And also new clothing items that I love, so please head on over to My blog at Fredericksburg Parent to read all about it.  Something that I forgot to mention over there… this long duster cardigan is also new and I’m also really loving it for fall!!! Yes, friends, I’m already dreaming of fall.

Stay tuned for big news as well…  amazing things are happening at Rain In Style!






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Crop tops…Can I Get An Amen!

Hey everyone! Have you noticed it’s HOT outside? Lol.  I certainly got that memo, thanks Mother Nature. When it’s really hot, I tend to try to wear as little clothing as possible.  Sometimes that translates into crop tops! Head on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent to give this week’s post a read.  Ya know, since it’s too hot to do much else but read a blog and hydrate.  Am I right??? 😉

And, what’s even more exciting than blog reading and water? These new wide legged pants! A new way to wear my crop tops! So super excited about them.  Be on the lookout over on my Instagram page for a styled outfit photo with these pants! Love them.

Don’t forget to head over to Fredericksburg Parent, here, and read my post! Thanks y’all.  Also, I hear the July issue of Fredericksburg Parent Magazine is out! My column in there is about summer style, so please grab yourself one!


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How To Deal with a “Clothing Fit”

Hey everyone, welcome back.  As I type this we are headed out on vacation! Again this year, we are headed to Lancaster, PA.  We love it up there. But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you.  My post this week, over at Fredericksburg Parent,  is about “clothing fits”. Find it here.

What do I mean when I say “clothing fit”? Well, it’s what I call the temper tantrum that happens when you dislike absolutely everything that you put on.  And the disaster zone that occurs afterward…legendary.  You might find that wine helps, or coffee…maybe coffee is better considering these tantrums usually occur in the morning, am I right? But, whichever.

Does this happen to you? Me too.  Quite often actually.  Head over to Fredericksburg Parent and read my tips on how to pull yourself together and end the frustration.  Clothing fits have a way of wrecking havoc, not only on your dressing area, but on your mood as well. Sometimes I feel like this… yeah that’s me after a workout, but darn I’d its close to the same feeling!


Chin up, beauties.  Let’s show those clothes who’s boss.





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