It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to

My birthday is this week, on Wednesday, March 29, I turn 37.  And ya’ll, I am not taking it that well.  Just saying the number makes me sad, it’s not even that big of a number, or even a milestone… it just hits me wrong.  Granted I’ve done a lot in 37 years, and over the last year, I’ve changed myself dramatically, both mentally and physically.  And yet, the number still bugs me. I talk a little more about it over at Fredericksburg Parent.  I decided, this entire week, I’m going to wear the clothes that make me feel like I’m in it to win it. Starting with yesterday’s outfit, this was my brunch outfit.  For the rest of the days this week, I will be Talking about and sharing those in another post.

Maybe it’s just a passing feeling and in a few weeks I’ll be over it and settling in to my new number.  Or maybe someone should tell my grey hairs and wrinkles to calm down.  It doesn’t help that my husband is four years younger then me, either.  It just makes 37 that much worse.

So, while I was trying to think about what to write for this post, the only thing that I could think of was to share a few style lessons and funny quips to try to cheer myself up.

  • Never ask your husband to bring “your black heels” without giving him exact details about which black heels, unless you want your entire black shoe collection brought to your living room.
  • If you ask your kids’ opinion on which shoe or which outfit, be prepared for them to each pick a different one, thereby leaving you to choose which child’s feelings get hurt because you didn’t pick their choice.
  • If you ask your husband to pick an outfit, he will choose the lowest cut/shortest one, and ask about your underwear choices.
  • It’s almost always ok to go for cute over practical.  Unless it’s -25 degrees and you’re trying to dress like it’s 85. At that point, maybe just stay home.
  • If you are a stay at home mom, and you wear clothes that aren’t athleisure or pajamas to school drop off, people will ask you why you are so “dressed up”, and if you work.
  • Always have a “reject chair” where all of your rejected outfits go when they aren’t good enough for the day.  It’s like a timeout chair, but for misbehaving clothing. It’s oddly satisfying.

And the most important, so important that it deserves it’s on paragraph and not thrown in with the other bulleted things.  Don’t ever let anyone steal your confidence.  Don’t ever let them dim your light.  I don’t care how old you are, don’t let anyone say “you’re too old to wear that”.  I don’t care what size you wear, don’t let anyone tell you “you shouldn’t wear that”.  I’m guilty of questioning myself all the time, of asking wether I’m too old to wear something. Case in point, this was my outfit for our date night Saturday…

I questioned some of my friends in my outfit of the day group, wether I was too old for a crop top.  The response was overwhelmingly no, so that was a relief.  But really, why should it matter? If anyone tells you that you aren’t good enough for something, or that you shouldn’t wear something… you tell them “that’s cute…watch me”.  Life is too short to not wear the crop top, it’s too short to question yourself.  So, that’s my goal for the year ahead of me.  To stop questioning myself, to stop allowing my confidence to rest in someone else’s hands. Care to join me? I’ll share my birthday cake!

Stay tuned for a post about what I wore for my birthday week! And remember to check out my post over at Fredericksburg Parent





Floral fun

Spring is almost here.  My allergies are going haywire, so it must be true.  The weather here in Virginia has been very strange.  We’ve had more weeks then not, when Mother Nature decides it’d be fun to fit all four seasons into one week.  No one is laughing Mother.


Spring time means new beginnings, and I am so excited to announce a new beginning of my own.  You all know that I have been writing guest posts for Fredericksburg Parent.  Well, they recently asked me if I’d like my own regular blogging spot! Me! Can you believe  it?? How incredibly amazing. Here’s me with a celebratory glass of wine… or maybe two.

Spring time also means flowers, and in style that translates to florals! My post over at Fredericksburg Parent is about my love affair with florals, specifically dark florals.  I love dark florals for their edginess, but I do appreciate the lighter side too.


(The style fight of dark vs light rages on!)


The black pants in the first outfit photo are my favs right now.  They came in a recent Stitch Fix box, they are the Cameryn skinny pant by Liverpool.   Amazing.  The floral peplum top is from ThredUP, and I believe it’s a Target brand.  The second outfit photo, I’m wearing a LuLaRoe Cassie skirt… it had me at monochrome floral.


This one is also a Cassie skirt, and it just gets me… why do Cassie skirts get me??



Another way that I like to wear my florals…Pair them with my graphic tees! Something about the contrast between the organic shapes of flowers and the graphic lettering, it makes me happy.

(It’s hard to see, but this shirt says “sloth lifting team, let’s take a nap instead”)

(And of course, my “give me wine and tell me I’m pretty”) 

And don’t forget floral jeans.  Try them! It was cold when I tired this on, but I took one for the team! Gooooooo Florals!!!!!!!



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LuLaRoe, LuLa-who??

LuLaRoe?? Yeah, I’m going there.  My post over at Fredericksburg Parent this week is all about LuLaRoe! Do any of you know and love the Roe?


I’ll be honest.  I didn’t always love it. When I first heard of the company, I thought that all they sold were crazy patterned leggings.  Soft? Yes, but crazy nonetheless.  Then I learned about their skirts and dresses.  I talk a bit more about this ephinany over at Fredericksburg Parent.  I have come to learn that Julia and Cassie are my new best girlfriends.  In LuLaRoe speak, the Julia is a dress and the Cassie is their pencil skirt. Although, LuLaRoe has a lot of different styles, and after trying on a few of them, my heart remains with Julia and Cassie.

(The Julia dress)


And, since I am not that familiar with the other styles and in order to further my research, I asked a friend of mine, who sells the clothing, to give me her two cents on it.  Here’s Amber, you can find her LuLaRoe page at LulaRoe Amber Quann


My name is Amber Quann and I became a LuLaRoe Consultant about a year after I purchased my first pair of addictive LuLaRoe leggings. I am a SAHM to my 2 year old daughter and definitely have found myself in the “mom rut” on many days — looking at the clock and seeing it’s 3pm, I’m still in my PJs and my hair looks a hot mess. Not to mention, my body just isn’t quite the same since I had a baby (still have some extra meat on my bones). I knew I needed a change for my own sanity, I wanted to feel beautiful again! I also didn’t want to look frumpy or out of style, but I struggled with feeling comfortable in my own skin. Then in walks LuLaRoe. Ladies, these clothes are amazingly comfortable! I wake up excited to get dressed!! If I had to pick the two items I wear the most (besides the leggings), it would have to be the Carly Dress and the Irma Top. Both of these items can be belted, layered, knotted, worn fitted or loose– you name it, I’m sure we can do it. But what I love most about the Carly and Irma is how well they compliment my body shape without making me feel frumpy or showing my lumps and bumps haha… since I carry my weight in my midsection. I love the versatility that each piece carries, how I am able to create multiple style options with one item (like a Cassie skirt worn as a skirt, a top, or as an infinity scarf!) Nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman’s face light up when she tries on our clothing and hearing her exclaim how beautiful she feels. This business and these clothes truly change the lives of the people they touch!”



She’s totally right about being able to change the look of a piece in so many interesting ways.  On my Fredericksburg Parent post, I show how another friend of mine helped me with changing the look of an Irma tee, which I loved so much that I bought it.  LOL. Plus the colors in the pattern match my hair, winning!!!

(The left is a Julia, and the right is an Irma tee tied to make it a dress!)



If you aren’t familiar with the brand, I’d suggest going to one of their pop up boutiques or attend a LuLaRoe party.  The ladies that sell it are knowledgeable and can help you find what works for you. Plus the women that I know that sell it really love what they do, and that’s always a bonus for me. It helps to try stuff on so that you can determine the correct size for you. Because a lot of their clothes are made from a stretchy material, I can fit into two different sizes, which is great because that opens up more possibilities.



So what do you all think? Do you already have LuLaRoe pieces, or are you ready to give it a try? How far into the addiction are you?? My collection keeps growing, because darn if I don’t keep winning  giveaways… LOL (shhhhh, don’t blow my cover).


Don’t forget to check out my post at Fredericksburg Parent for more LuLaRoe goodness.



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