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Hi! Happy Spring! Too bad Virginia didn’t get the memo, it’s still cold here and there’s a snow storm headed our way.  No thanks, winter, you had your turn.  This girl needs warm weather…

That picture???? No, it wasn’t warm that day, it was freezing, I’m good at pretending though. Anyways, this week’s post over at Fredericksburg Parent is all about Athleisure.. going from gym to street.  Which is one style that I don’t tend to do very often.  But I’m thinking that I should

Not sure what Athleisure is? Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give my post a read! In it you’ll find tips and tricks and other fun bits.

Stay tuned next week.  I might turn a bit philosophical…. next week is my birthday… and I always get a bit introspective around this time. Introspective and maybe a little weepy…but I’ll do my best to hold back the waterworks.








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Latest Obsession

Hi everyone, welcome back! This week I decided to go with a post about styling my new obsession, the Wayf top from Nordstrom! Be sure to head over to my weekly blog at Fredericksburg Parent  for a bunch of styling ideas.

I also discuss the rather obvious undergarment predicament.  You can count on me to discuss what really matters.  😂.

I also have this top in grey now, so I can now officially wear it with all the things, every day.  Ha! Who’s excited? Just me? I have yet to style the grey one, but don’t worry, I totally will.

So, put your fierce hat on, grab a coffee, and head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give my post a read.  Please?


I have an athleisure post coming up next week, so stick around for that.  Then, probably my birthday week challenge.  Want to join me for the challenge?? I’ll give details next week.





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Stylish Birthday Wishes

Ok, so my birthday is still a few weeks away,  but that doesn’t stop me from making a birthday wish list. That’s what my post is about this week over at Fredericksburg Parent. What does a style blogger wish for for their birthday? Head on over and give it a read, here.

For those of you that don’t know me personally, you might be surprised to know that I am turning 38.  And I’m not really excited about it.  Last year I took turning 37 really hard… this year, I’m on track to do the same.  LOL.  When it gets closer to my birthday, I’m hoping to do the birthday challenge again, where I wear a favorite outfit, something that makes me happy, every day of the week.  Stay tuned for that. It usually cheers me up. That and wine.

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Don’t forget, the best gift would be for you to check out my style column on the March issue of Fredericksburg Parent.  If you aren’t local, then you can find the digital edition, here.  You can also find it in blog format, here. Leave some love, let me know you found me.


Next week, I will probably be talking about Athleisure or ways to style my new favorite Stella and dot clutch…. yes it was on my birthday list, and yes I gave it to myself early.  I can do that, I’m an adult! Well, sometimes I am.  😂



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