Luray or Bust

Ha. That title makes me laugh. But seriously, my post this week over at Fredericksburg Parent is about our trip to Luray Caverns.  I offer tips on what to do, and what to wear.

So, if your kids are still on summer break (mine are) and you need a break from the summer break (I hear ya, August is like the mood killer of summer fun), head out to see Luray! It’s worth a trip, and bonus because it sort of sounds like my name… Luray…Lorraine… same!!!

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Even my kids enjoyed the trip, here they are pretending to be King and Queen of the cave lands. For whatever reason, this tree throne made me think of GOT.  It’s not iron…but still.

Anyways, head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give my post a read.  And, if Luray is close to you, I say give it a try! Maybe you’ll find geodes and gems like these to adorn your iron…errr…tree throne.  Doesn’t the one on top of the pile look like a smile face?? Everyone’s happy at Luray…. even the rocks.

Our gems from Luray. #nature #exploring #beautiful #luraycavernsvirginia

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Stay tuned next week for my post about craving fall and fall style.


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Show me your Skimmies

This week over at Fredericksburg Parent, I’m talking about a secret to combatting thigh rub in the summer. Yup, I’m going there.  See my face??? It’s serious business.

Under every dress or skirt that I wear, I always have on my secret weapon.  Skimmies! There are a few options on combatting the thigh rub, but I focus on my favorite option.  So head on over to my column at Fredericksburg Parent and give it a read.

Thanks ya’ll! I’m waiting for my much needed hair appointment.  Stay tuned for posts about our trip to Luray Caverns, and a look ahead to fall style.


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Rule of Three, Summer Style

Hi everyone! How has your summer been? We just got back from a day trip to Luray Caverns, and ya’ll it’s worth the trip.  Crazy crazy beautiful.  Perfect for a day trip, for us, because it’s about 2 hours away. A side note; my tech guy is figuring out a better way to post pictures here, since I used up all my storage.  LOL. Until we figure out a new way, I will be posting from my Instagram account, which actually is a good, sneaky way for me to remind you to follow me on Instagram…it’s a win-win.  😉

My husband told me that two hour drives are about his limit for a day trip.  I can apply the title of this post … “The Rule of Three” to hours driving; three hours and we stay over night, it’s our driving rule of Three. Lol.

We completed the maze!!!! #rockstars #momlife #wedidit #maze #gardenmaze #beprepared

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Seriously though, my post this week over at my Fredericksburg Parent column, is about applying “The Rule of Three” to summer style. Three items to your outfit, shoes don’t count. It’s tricky to do when it’s warm, because layering is sometimes impossible and uncomfortable when it’s a million degrees outside. Fun fact: it’s always a cool 52 degrees (give or take a few degrees) inside Luray Caverns.  It’s like natures very own air conditioning!

I struggled with what to wear, because I felt like we were in two different climates (which we were). Undergound and above ground.  This romper was perfect, it’s by Mimi Chica and I just got it in my ThredUP box! It wasn’t uncomfortably hot, and the long sleeves were perfect from below the surface.

Anyways, the rule of three is tricky to do when it’s hot, but It can be done, I promise.  Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and read about how I try (and sometimes fail) at doing the rule of three during the summer.


When you’re done reading, come hang out with me in the naturally air conditioned caverns.  I will bring the wine, you bring the snacks.






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