Do All Things With Love

Do all things with love. This saying is found all over my house. My little girl even has a shirt with it…doesn’t she look full of love?

(she’s not doing all things with love)


I like this saying because it’s uplifting and it helps me to remember that sometimes the harder road to travel is the one of love. But it also reminds me that life is short and that we should really try to love and live it to the fullest. It might be a little cliché but that’s ok. I’m feeling the love!


How do I apply this to style? Well, I like to encourage people (both men and women) to look for things to wear that they love. Do you really love leopard print? Awesome! You are talking my language. Find a great leopard print cardigan or, even better, find some amazing leopard print heels. I have quite the collection of leopard print heels, in fact I’m wearing these today, they are Sam Edelman booties, and I adore them.

Do you love love love polka dots? Great! There are plenty of options with polka dots! Jeans, blazers, skirts, dresses! Oh my! Pin dots tend to look a bit more sophisticated where are larger polka dots tend to look more playful.  I have both, what can I say, I’m a polka dot fan.

(This was from last summer, we’re pretty much the same) 


Or, maybe you are my style twin and you really love faux leather.  Girl, the world has so many amazing choices! Try a vest, jacket dress or even leggings… and no, do not wear them all at the same time, you might go into biker babe territory. Think about mixing the textures, so faux leather jacket, with denim or faux leather leggings with a tunic.  Here I did a jacket (this one is my favorite, Blanknyc, and OMG it comes in brown!!!!!) with a plaid scarf and a simple dress.


Don’t be afraid to wear your loves together either.  Here I did a faux leather dress, denim jacket AND a leopard print scarf.  Did that just blow your mind?!


I do caution you though on taking this love thing a little too far into the crazy cat lady zone. Let’s say you do, in fact, love cats. Great! Maybe find an awesome cat graphic tee, or a pair of cat earrings, but please don’t go head to toe cat. We want to be stylish and love what we wear but we don’t want to actually BE a cat. Or, maybe you do… if so I won’t judge. I’ll simply smile and nod, and maybe pass you my card 😉



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