Scarf me

Here’s a fun fact about me: I hate winter, I really do.  My hatred stems from attending college in Rochester, New York which is about an hour drive from Canada. Needless to say, the winters up there are harsh, dark and long.  Lots and lots of snow, and don’t even get me started on the lake effect snow! So cold… it was so cold even your tears would freeze and any boogers in your nose…frozen. Glamourous, right?!?


However, there is one thing that I do like about winter, and that my friends, is a good scarf.  LOVE them. I wear them all the time.

(Infinity scarf)

(Blanket scarf )

(Regular scarf)


I have a collection of all different kinds of scarves.  I have blanket scarves, infinity scarves, faux fur scarves, knit scarves… you name it and I probably have it.  I think I have an addiction to scarves.  When talking about scarves, people usually ask how I tie them, and today I will try my best to explain. Ya’ll, I even made a video (this is huge, I’m an introvert! ).  It’s apparently too big to post here (and my tech guy, aka husband, is at work) so I had to post the video on my Rain In Style Facebook page, find it here.  I demonstrate the regular scarf and blanket scarf tying method, so go check it out.

  • Infinity scarves– these are easy, I usually just double loop it around my neck, adjust it and carry on.  Unless they are too short to wrap twice, my faux fur ones are a once around deal.
  • Blanket scarves – these can be tricky and are often the ones I get asked the most about.  They also happen to be my favorites.  What I usually do, if it’s a big square, is fold the scarf diagonally, creating a triangle. Then I fold the triangle up a little, kind of like an accordion or how you would fold a fan.  Keep the triangle part in front of you and wrap the ends around your neck.  You can either let the ends hang in the front, or tie them underneath the triangle.  Adjust the folds until it lies the way that you like (see the picture above). Don’t over think it!
  • Regular scarvesfor these there are so many options! The only way I usually tie them though is to fold the scarf in half and wrap it around my neck, put one end through the loop (going over then under) and then the other end the opposite way (so under then through the loop).  Tying it this way makes and interesting knot. But seriously, you can look up on Pinterest and find sooooo many different ideas.  I’m kinda boring and stick to my old, tried and true ways.

What I really love about scarves, is that they add an extra dimension and interest to an outfit.  I mean, the warmth is nice too, but the interest is where it’s at.  For example, here are a few outfits where I showed layering and how the scarf adds that extra bit of interest (ok and warmth)


So go on and get your scarf on! Because I mean if it’s going to be winter and cold, you might as well add something happy to keep you going. Go forth and be happy and warm.


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