I have a secret, I plan ahead

My guest post this week over at (Fredericksburg Parent)  is about how I plan all of my outfits ahead of time.

(A recent planned outfit)

I find that it really helps relieve the stress and craziness of my mornings. The mornings have me like…

(Coffee first, or I’ll cut you)

The struggle is real without coffee. I wish I had a sign that I could tape to my forehead that said “if I haven’t had coffee yet, don’t speak “. And that, my stylish friends, is why you need to plan your outfits. I usually plan up to two weeks out. I explain it all (here). And I have another tool…Pinterest.


Do you all use Pinterest?!? No, I’m not asking for pintresty ideas to organize the mess that is my kids playroom (I’ve already tried DIYing my own storage crates out of toothpicks and dust bunnies, but it didn’t meet my needs. Pinterest fail) I’m asking because you can use it to help plan your outfits. Yes, you can! It’s not just for crafty things and DIY projects. I often check Pinterest if I’m at a loss for something to pair with a top or a new way to wear my faux leather leggings (yes ma’am, I said faux leather leggings). Let’s say you really want to wear your new leopard pattern cardigan. Simply put in the search area “leopard pattern cardigan outfit” and whalaa!!! Magical Pinterest treasure trove of outfit inspiration!! It might also work the other way, let’s say you have a pair of lime green polka dotted Capri pants but Pinterest pulls up zero. That means one of two things, you are the lucky owner of a unique one of a kind item, OR they are out of style and you need to let those bad boys go to the donate pile. Unless when you held it, it gave you joy (hi, KonMari fans) then maybe repurpose them into kitchen towels or something. Now I’m currently searching Pinterest for diy kitchen towels.

For this outfit, I did a Pinterest search for “white dress outfit” and I found that I had all the pieces that I needed to recreate the outfit.  Score!!


I hope that you find planning your outfits ahead of time to be helpful.  And if you’re reading this before you’ve had coffee…I won’t take offense if even the mere thought of planning irritates you. I’ll simply hand you your coffee and back away, just don’t cut me.


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