Photographing a photographer

Todays post is a little off topic, but I think it’s relevant.  You might know that I am a family and newborn photographer here in Fredericksburg, Va., check out my photo work here.  I spend a lot of weekends working with amazing families and snuggling tiny babies.  My job is truly rewarding, I love what I do.  But what happens when I need someone to take a picture of my outfit for my style blog?

Chaos.  That’s what happens.  My husband is often the one that I ask to take my picture so I can have decent, non bathroom mirror selfies for my blog.  To be fair, photographing a photographer is hard! I feel for him, because I can be very critical.  Almost always we end up arguing because I want him to retake the photo so I don’t look like a half crazed lunatic standing like my leg is broken or missing.  It’s what I do as a photographer, I’m constantly adjusting either myself, or my client, to get the best angle.  I don’t merely stand and click.

He is learning though.  This week we did some photos downtown since the kids were at their grandparents house. With my coaching, he actually got a lot of decent shots!

Keep in mind that I chose the spots and I have to kind of direct myself, he has to show me what the picture looks like before we can move on… it’s a process. Often, I have to remind him not to have poles or trees coming out of my head, and to tell me if I look weird.  Although, giving him permission to tell me I look weird wasn’t my best idea.  He sort of took to giving me the “what the hell are you doing look” and telling me not to sit or stand that way.  It had me hoping that I’m not as demanding with my clients 🙂

I’ve also asked my kids to take my photo when we are at home and the husband isn’t around. The trouble with that is they are young, and are only 3 feet tall, so for those pictures I have to sit. Both kids are good at taking my picture, but my little girl (she’s 4) has really taken to it.  I think she wants to be a photographer when she grows up.  Here’s one of her pictures.

Sometimes she directs me to sit a certain way.  And she always takes a bunch of photos before she will bring me the phone to see.  Then she asks me if I am going to keep them. Of course I will… just maybe not all 100 of them.

Some day I hope to hire a professional photographer (you know because I AM one and I know the value that they bring) to follow me around and take my photos with multiple outfit changes. Until then, I will settle for the photos that my husband and kids take with my iPhone photos.



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