Summer Fun, The Sequel

Hi again. Happy Fourth of July! What are your plans for the day? What are you going to wear?? I already posted my Fourth of July style post a few weeks back, find it here, so how about we talk about beating the heat with fun jewelry instead??



It’s one hundred million degrees outside, humidity is high, I start sweating as soon as I step on toe out the door… but it’s ok.  I mean, when you can play with fun colorful summer accessories and try to beat the heat with sass…it’s got to be ok, right?



So last weeks post was about summer accessories  and I had promised that I would write another post all about summer jewelry.  And I did, I can’t let you down.  Go on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent and check it out.  I talk about my favorite brands for fun jewelry and how I work them into outfits.



Summer is the best time to bring out the color and sassy attitude.  Because, you know, if someone doesn’t like your style choices, you can always blame the heat.



Ha.  “The heat made me do it.”…   “It’s so humid out here, I don’t enjoy it, so I just HAVE to wear something I love to brighten my day.”

That something for me is big, colorful, jewelry.  Love it.



Join me over at Fredericksburg Parent to read my new post! But first, set some sparklers and fireworks off and grab a beer… or two.  Because…priorities. LOL.  Enjoy your Fourth, friends.




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