Speaking from the Heart

Hi everyone. This weeks post isn’t about style, I wanted to take a minute and just talk from my heart. Head over to my post at Fredericksburg Parent and give it a read.  It’s an important one.

Half staff for the blog…. a heartfelt post. Coming soon

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There’s a lot weighing on my heart, on all of our hearts…the world seems so broken. So heavy with worry and sorrow.  In my post, here,  I touch on a what a moment brings… a moment spent in the carline at my kids school, watching the flag flying at half staff.  I wanted to talk about it, about what that moment brought me, without getting to much into politics. There has just got to be a better way, for our kids’ sake… for all of our’s sake.  There must be a sunrise after the storm.


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Please head over and read it. I’d appreciate it.


I promise to continue the style talk next week.





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