Look Out 2018…Here I Come

Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2018…a new year, new beginning…. yadah yadah yadah.  Am I right??  I’ve seen this meme going around…

I admit, it’s funny and true.  But… let’s talk about resolutions for a minute. Not all resolutions have to involve changing your personality. Those don’t really ever change, do they? But if we think that there isn’t a single thing about us that we could ever change or improve upon, that would be a lie. This week over at Fredericksburg Parent, my post is about a common New Years resolution, getting fit. Fitness is a large part of my life, but it hasn’t always been.

Head on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent and give my post a read.  If you are looking to make a change in your fitness level, I hope that I can encourage you to take that first step.

And as far as that meme goes, I’m still the same goofy, sarcastic me… but I’m also stronger and more confident, with a goal in mind.

My goal, is to inspire those that need that extra push.  And to be the voice in their ear that tells them DON’T QUIT.


…and, you know, I want to build a better booty have a better deadlift, back squat, and lose that extra bit of mama flub… not too much to work for, right? 😂


Bring it 2018.






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