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Oh, fashion…. there are always new trends to follow and new things to buy. The runways are always filled with ideas, some are wearable, and some are not.  Either way, the trends for this spring are here, and they are interesting. That’s what I talk about this week over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent. What’s trending for spring.  There’s a hint in this photo…

Did you figure out the clue? If yes, yay for you! If no, don’t worry, Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent to read all about it.


While you are over there reading and being trendy, I’ll be here in my happy place, shooting happy pretty things. Don’t forget that my magazine debut is coming up in March, anyone local to Fredericksburg, Va should check it out!


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That’s all for now, friends. I have a few posts coming up that I’m really hoping get out of my head and onto the screen in a meaningful way.







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