When It’s Best to Let Go

Hi everyone.  Welcome back.  I have a special post over at Fredericksburg Parent this week.  It’s a personal one about learning to let things go.  If you have a minute, head on over there and give it a read.

Sweat it out baby. Burn baby burn. #fitness #showup #fitmom #fitwomen #workouts

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Usually when I need to let something go, I lift heavy things and sweat it out.  It’s comforting  to me, in a way, to know that I can lift something heavy…heavier than what it is I carry.


Maybe it’s the winter dreariness, but I’ve been in a funk.  Just feeling uninspired and stuck.  When that happens, I usually get lost in the inter webs, or drive around, or talk with friends…. that last part, that’s what I focus on in my Fredericksburg Parent post.


So, if you have a minute, head on over and give it a read.  I’ve read it a million times, I’m proud of the heart that’s in it.  Maybe if you’ve had experience with something similar you could share advice.  Often, in the blogging world, it feels a bit lonely… but I never feel useless.  There’s a purpose.





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