For the People in the Back

ha! Well, sorta.  Last week’s post over at Fredericksburg Parent is going live again today, find that one here.  I will also have another new post this week! That one goes live on Wednesday, you can find it here.

Morning #carline #selfie

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I mean, having two posts in a week kinda fits since it’s been rainin’ a lot here lately … get it? 😂 I’ll be here all day folks.

So Wednesday’s post is a start of something new.  Every once in a while I’m going to post about “frequently asked questions” or like a Q&A format.  So feel free to get your questions in… keep it friendly please.  Find the first post in this series over at Fredericksburg Parent.


Over the next few weeks, I have posts coming up about pattern mixing florals, my favorite pieces/items, and trends that I thought I hated but turns out I love… never say never, lesson learned.



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