Birthday Week

Wow has March just flown by! My birthday is this week and it looks like even Mother Nature wants to celebrate, she sent warm weather, and blooming trees and flowers, it might be the best birthday gift ever!

This week, over on my Fredericksburg Parent blog, here, I’m talking about my favorite finds that I am gifting myself for my birthday.

I thought that this birthday was going to be rough, like the last few were. But this time, I’m facing turning older with a new outlook.

That’s right…confident. 39 is going to be an amazing year. I’m working on being so confident that no one will be able to break me. Us 39 year olds are tough, and we are sick of people’s garbage.

Head on over to the post and give it a read! When you’re done, come back and let’s have wine and cake to celebrate my birthday.


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