Favorite Summer Accessory

Pssssst… I have a secret…I play favorites. But really, don’t we all have a favorite kid? Oh no, I’m just kidding. What I meant to say was, don’t we all have a favorite clothing item or accessory? I do.

It’s my round straw bag! I found this one on ThredUP, it’s by Talbots.  And, since I love this so much, I wrote up a blog post about where to find similar bags over at Fredericksburg Parent.  Everyone needs a cute straw bag.  And, while it may seem trendy, I think straw bags are always ins type, especially for warmer weather seasons.  Although, I am tempted to use mine into fall, and I just might because if you love it so much why not? I mean I love wine and that’s year round… LOL.

And yes, I pretty much use this bag with almost every outfit.  It’s neutral enough that it works.  Join me in this love affair and head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and read my post.  Let me know if you order one of the similar ones that I found!  Let’s be straw bag friends…that’s the best kind of friends. 🙂


And, local friends, don’t forget to grab a copy of this months Fredericksburg Parent magazine! Find my column! This month is about date nights and how to sizzle (with your outfit, of course, not because of the actual dreadful heat.)  Or, visit the online version, here.




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Fall Outfits with ThredUP

Hey, it’s mid summer, we’re all sweaty, hot and our hair is a puffed up mess. Please tell me it’s not just me. So, of course, I want to talk about fall outfits 😂. Because it’s 295 degrees outside and I dream of crisp fall days.  But this week, there’s more to my post than just outfits. Click on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, you just might find a discount code to my favorite shopping addiction.

Yup! ThredUP sponsored this week’s post, and they gave me a special discount code to share with my amazing readers.  Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent, get some Inspiration for some seriously cute fall outfits (all outfits are using ThredUP items), give my post a read, and then shop ThredUP using the tips and discount code!

I’m positive that your mailbox or front porch will soon be stacked with polka dot boxes filled with affordable secondhand fashion.  Careful though, ThredUP is addicting… addicting and fabulous.

So very excited I’m jumping for joy .. @thredup is sponsoring me at my blog at Fredericksburg Parent and Family!!! How awesome is that?!? This is proof that hardwork, dedication and good karma comes back to bless you. I’m honored to the point of happy tears. Thank you for recognizing me. And thank you to all of my followers and readers! Stay tuned for a very special blog post… you won’t want to miss it. I’ll give you a heads up as we get closer, I just CAN’T contain my excitement!!!!!! And yes, this entire outfit is second hand from @ThredUP. BTW-Did you know that I can jump in heels????? 😂 #secondhandfirst #styleblogger #stylish #affordablefashion #excited #jumpforjoy #jumpsuit #stylishwomen #stylishmom #heels #celebrate #haveadrinkforme #cheers

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See? I’m already so excited to see what you find.  Have fun!

Oh, and if you are wondering what’s in my ThredUP cart currently, it’s this…

I’m loving longer cardigans for fall. And American Eagle jeans…yes and thank you.



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What’s New To You?

Hey everyone! Welcome back.  Anyone else feeling like this summer is dragging a bit? I do. Usually when mid July hits, I start feeling a bit…tired.  Tired of the routine, tired of the constant kid noises, tired of all it. It’s about this time that I’m ready for the kids to go back to school.

To break me out of the summer funk, I decided to write this week’s blog post all about a few new pieces in my closet, and a few new beings in our house… head on over to Fredericksburg Parent to get the scoop.


Here’s a hint…

The babies. Apparently, they love the stairs. #kittens

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Yes, new little loves! And also new clothing items that I love, so please head on over to My blog at Fredericksburg Parent to read all about it.  Something that I forgot to mention over there… this long duster cardigan is also new and I’m also really loving it for fall!!! Yes, friends, I’m already dreaming of fall.

Stay tuned for big news as well…  amazing things are happening at Rain In Style!






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