Let’s Wear Swimsuits!

Ha! I bet no one ever says that.  Ok, well maybe some people do, but not me.  I haven’t been excited about swim suits since college. And that, my stylish friends, is what I talk about over at Fredericksburg Parent this week.  The dreaded, sometimes even hated… swimsuit.


Now, we all know that I’m no stranger to short and tight clothing…

I’m perfectly confident in anything short and tight, I’m even ok in crop tops, but I always keep my lower stomach area covered.  Hidden  from the world.  It’s not my favorite piece of me.  In fact, my face here, pretty much sums up how I feel about it …

LOL. Yes, I’m that hard on myself. My post at Fredericksburg Parent, takes a hard look at why women feel so disheartened when wearing or shopping for swimsuits, and why we put so much pressure on ourselves to be “swimsuit ready”.


So, put your swimsuit on, head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and check out my post. I’d love to know if you are a cover-up person, a no way person, or a let it shine person.


As for me, I’m going to be a let it shine person, that’s my goal for next summer.



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Sending a Little Love to Athleisure

What’s that? You didn’t know that I like athleisure or that I even know what tennis shoes are? LOL.  Well surprise! I do.  I wrote a guest post this week for my sister in law, over at Mom to Mom Nutrition, find it here. Katie is a great inspiration for all things cooking and mommy related, a lot of her recipes are in my monthly rotation for meal planning.  And, apparently, I have been inspiring her to branch out a little bit as far as style goes.


Ya’ll know this version of me…

(More on this dress in a future post). I don’t do athleisure often. So when she asked me to write about her go to style, I was at first a little lost.  Because, while I like the style, I don’t have much of it in my closet.  So what did I do? I took to my latest style ap obsession, Polyvore. Don’t know it? You should try it!!! I call this, Athleisure in Pink.


It’s so cute, I am trying hard to be good and not by every single piece. Here’s the links to them though if you want to buy them. But really, you can find similar pieces wherever you normally shop.  I tried to find affordable, and easy to find pieces. So no worries about needing to buy the exact things.  You can achieve the same look with similar pieces.





Shoes– these are pink  Adidas superstar and they are sold out on this site, but I’m going to keep searching for them.



sunglasses–  these are also out of stock, but similar can be found anywhere.


I also worked up an outfit idea for her, inspired by athleisure, so go on over to Mom to Mom Nutrition to read all about it. I just might have bought the Adidas shoes that I feature in her flat lay…and possibly also the clutch.  #sorryhusband.


How do you do athleisure? I’d love to see inspiration to help get me moving with this new to me style.


Be sure to follow Katie at Mom to Mom Nutrition, here.  Also find her on Facebook and her Instagram!


Stay tuned later this week for my post about swimsuits! It’s a theme for the week, first athleisure then swimsuits!




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If You Take Rain in Style on Vacation…

… she will take five months worth of outfits and  leave little room for anything else…including the kids.


Just kidding, but only about the kids part.


Do you know those “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie” books??? Lol. I bet you do if you have kids. Funny but true… if you take me on vacation, I will most definitely bring way too much stuff.  My family and I went on our family vacation recently, and you can read all about it over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent.

We had such a blast in Lancaster, Pa.  Seriously, it was one of our favorite trips so far.  I’m sure the hotel we stayed at played a roll in that, I mean they did deliver food and drinks poolside! LOL.  But the kids are finally getting to be old enough that they can hang out longer and enjoy more of the day without needing naps. Which really comes in handy when we go our favorite place up that way, Dutch Wonderland.


They chose that face paint themselves, and do you notice that the colors coordinate with their outfits??? I swear I didn’t choose any of it.  LOL.  There was also this purple dinosaur that was stalking me… maybe he just wanted to know where I got my outfit.



From amusement parks, a zoo, Hershey Chocolate World (aka heaven), to breweries and shopping… come join me at my blog on Fredericksburg Parent as I take you along with us.  You never know, I might share my wine slushie with you…


But probably not.  LOL . They are just too good to share.  Trust me.


See you over at Fredericksburg Parent.  Let me know where you all are traveling to… maybe we will go there next time!  If you give Rain in Style vacation ideas… she might very well vacation forever.  ❤️




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