Let’s Talk Layers

Hi everyone! I’m back this week with more fall style talk.  This time about layers.  My post this week at Fredericksburg Parent, is about using layers in the transitional period between seasons. The switch from summer to fall often means it’s cold in the morning then warm on the afternoon.  Layers will be your best friend.

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At Fredericksburg Parent I talk about this outfit and how I very easily turned it into two different outfits using layers.

Head on over there and give it a read.  Hopefully, it can give you some ideas on how to layer up but also stay stylish.

And I know that our weather hasn’t been cooperating too well with my fall fever.  It seems to have decided to go back to summer. That makes me sad.  I’m going to hide inside with my pumpkin spice latte and wait for the weather to turn again.  Who’s with me?!?!?


What if I offered pumpkin muffins?!?!?!?


Stay tuned next week, for pumpkin muffins… oh, I mean more style talk.  I’m going to discuss my frustrations with social media and then in the weeks to follow…confidence, plaid, over the knee boots, ponchos….















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Fall in Love with Olive Jackets

Hi all! So I’m really late at posting this… better late then never right? Except I hate being late, like… really hate it.


Anyways, the weather around here has been fall ish, so I wanted to launch into more fall style talk.  This week, over at my Fredericksburg Parent blog, I feature an olive jacket that I recently bought at Target!  It’s super cute, with floral embroidery on the sleeves.


In the Fredericksburg Parent post, I talk about three ways to style it, or any olive colored jacket.   It’s a fall staple, and you should have one on your closet.  I give all the details, and links over on that post, so head over there and check it out!


I think I mentioned last week that Target asked to use a few of the photos from this shoot.  I posted links to see them in my Fredericksburg Parent post…so go on over, there’s a lot to discuss!

Fall-ish weather means booties for days. LOL. #fallstyle #fallfashion #booties

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So for next week, I think I will be chatting about either fall transitions or how to style plaid… I haven’t decided, so stay tuned.








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Let’s Talk

I know a lot of my lovely readers are waiting for fall style posts.  I promise I’m working on it.  But, this post was in my lineup for this week, and it’s an important one.


This week, for my post at Fredericksburg Parent, I talk openly about a date night situation. It’s an important and honest read.  So please go on over and read it.


Next week I will be kicking off a bunch of fall style posts, starting with my love affair with this jacket that I recently got at Target. I will show you three (maybe 4) ways to style it and give you the details on the other items I’m wearing with it .



Target follows me on IG and they’ve picked a few of my images to use in thier ads! Be on the lookout for that.  I’ll post about it when they do.  It’s exciting!


Now I’m off to work on the fall posts and prepare my kids for their first day of school, tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Can I get an amen?!? 😂



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