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From talking last week about confidence (here) to talking this week over at Fredericksburg Parent, here, about giving thanks..I wonder if there is a theme going on here? All the FEELS. Maybe it’s just this time of year, Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK.  Can you even believe it? Where has time gone? Wasn’t I just talking about how hot it is in the summer??

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Anyways, my post this week at Fredericksburg Parent is about what I am thankful for.  I hope you will jump over there to read it.  It’s a heartfelt post, and I am proud of it, hopefully you will like it too.

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What are are your plans for Thanksgiving?  What are you thankful for? I am blessed in many ways, which I talk about in my Fredericksburg Parent post, here.  Sometimes, it’s even the simple things that I’m thankful for… like…

Coffee.  And…

More wine for me. #momlife #dinnerforone

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I am also thankful for you and all of my readers.  Thank you for supporting me in this crazy style thing.







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Hi everyone! Welcome back.  This weeks post over at Fredericksburg Parent is a very important, heartfelt post.  I am talking about confidence, both style confidence and self confidence.  If you follow me on IG, you’ve probably seen and heard my rants about mean spirited messages and unwanted comments.   Recently, those messages have been dragging me down, dulling my sparkle, and yes, have even brought me to tears.  As much as I’d love to say mean things don’t bother me… some do. And they have a way of turning a bright day, grey.


I’ve struggled with self confidence for as long as I can remember.  It makes me weary of life in a social media world.  People say the strangest and meanest things when they feel anonymous behind a keyboard.  I felt like I had to say something about having and finding confidence, because without it, you lose your sparkle.

Please head over to read my post at Fredericksburg Parent, let’s show the naysayers and mean spirited people how brightly we can shine.

Because let’s face it, your beauty is unique to you, it is yours to show the world… not theirs to scorn.  Always be you and always laugh at the haters…










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Fall favorite: Over the Knee Boots

Hi everyone! I’m Lorraine, and I am addicted to over the knee boots. Who else loves OTK’s??? Should we start a support group? LOL.

No, but seriously, I love otk boots.  I love them so much, that I wrote my weekly post about them over at Fredericksburg Parent.  Go on over and check it out, here.  Please?

For me, it’s not fall without over the knee boots, and there is definitely a chill in the air now. I need more inspiration with how to style them, so please let me know how you make yours work. Help an addict out 😂


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