Sunday Funday; Let Me Shoe You

It’s Sunday… and it’s been a long week.  My husband has been working very long days, and that usually puts me in a bad mood.  I’ll be honest, I am not great with being alone with my kids for long stretches of time.  It’s the loudness, constant chatter and arguing, the crazyiness of it all that drains me.  I am an introvert that desperately needs quiet to function.  It’s difficult, and I have much respect for those that do the single parent thing. Without this guy by my side…I struggle, and that’s no joke.

So, since he was home today, we went walking and exploring downtown. Fredericksburg has so many cool places, even more so if you care to go off the beaten path.  We found this location and I fell in love.  I’ve always loved old buildings…the peeling paint and rust… it’s beautiful to me. Being there reminded me of a time in college when a friend and I “rescued” some huge sheets of rusty metal from a construction area.  They were tearing down some beautiful old buildings… and we had to go on a secret covert adventure to rescue what we could.  It was awesome, and oh so dangerous.


Anyways.  What does this all have to do with style, right? Well, a few things.  First, it was so nice to be out and about exploring, and these old buildings really inspire me… they speak to my edgy side.  If I could capture the rusty old beauty in these buildings in an outfit, I would.  But I think that I do capture its edgy spirit.  This wall…


I literally gasped when I saw it.  It is so beautiful, the rust, the age, the colors, all of it… it’s literally my favorite wall ever.  And, should the need for a covert operation ever come up, I know exactly who to call to help me “rescue” things. If I could live here, by this wall…it would make my dreams come true.



Also relevant, are my shoes. Like my love affair with rusty old things, I also have a love affair with shoes.  My post for Fredericksburg Parent this week is all about my love/hate relationship with a particular kind of shoe… the open toe bootie.  I wore a fringed pair today, and I was again reminded of how much I love them.  The ones that I wore today were wedges, and they were very comfortable for walking around and exploring.



The open toe bootie… it’s like these buildings… edgy, kind of intimidating, and beautiful in its ruggedness.

So go on over to Fredericksburg Parent and read my blog post about my beloved, open toe bootie. Pretty please?





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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract, remember that Paula Abdul song??? Yeah, you do!  Sing it with me, now! Not an 80’s music fan? Fair enough, but hear me out. When I was thinking of what to write about this week, I thought about my recent birthday and what I could do to change my dreary and depressing outlook about it. My post for Fredericksburg Parent this week is about my birthday week style challenge that I did to cheer myself up. It really lifted my spirits, so please go on over and read it!

But what could I write about here to fill the space until Thursday (that’s when my posts at Fred parent go live).  I thought that I’d write about my love for two seemingly opposite styles. Edgy and girly.  Often, I find myself leaning heavily on my edgy side…it’s the comfort of that hardness that I love. But, I do enjoy flirtier, lighter styles too.  Sometimes opposites attract, and each one fills a space in your heart equally. They complete you. They create you.

You all know, and have seen, lots of my edgy side.  So why not focus today on the girlier styles that I love.  Case in point, this is what I was wearing on Sunday

Look at that, there’s very little black and I’m wearing a light floral scarf that’s colorful! And a jean jacket not my black faux leather one. The dress isn’t a form fitted one, which is a nice change of pace.  I’m just spring personified, and I dig it.

I do have a lot of dresses similar to this style that will be making their appearance as the weather gets warmer.  But just not on windy days, I’ve learned my lesson on that one when I flashed an entire parking lot a few weeks back.  Whoops.


When I think about the other dresses in my closet that are not my norm, and are the exact opposite of edgy, this one comes to mind… the verdict is still out on this…


Part of me loves the crazy bird pattern and the colors are so cheery.  It’s breezy, it’s fun… we’ll see if it makes it out to the light of day.


Same with this one…similar cut and bright colors…

What about you, do you have multiple style personalities? Do you love opposite styles? Do you love birds? LOL.


Don’t forget to read my birthday week style challenge post at Fredericksburg Parent. I love  seeing you all over there, ok, I can’t really see you…but be like the birds on my dress and fly your colorful beautiful selves over there.




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Stylish Birthday

My 37th birthday was yesterday.  I have a post up about it over at Fredericksburg Parent.  Please go check it out.

I’m working on my next post for them about how I changed my attitude about my birthday by doing a birthday week style challenge.  I chose 7 outfits that have my favorites involved or that just simply make me feel that fantastic.  So keep your eyes out for that.

As for what I did on my actual birthday? I put on a fantastic little black dress, dropped the kids at school, and sat in a coffee shop…alone…it was glorious.


Oh, also for my birthday, did I forget to mention that I went shoe shopping? Because I did.  Like I need new shoes…but when the shoes call (by means of a dsw rewards certificate) you answer! Like the bat signal.

My kids made me birthday cards, and created a game where they hid my birthday presents and I had to find them. I love that they “hid” them out in plain sight.  I acted surprised when I opened my gifts, because let’s face it… I picked them all out and bought them myself.  Yeah, I’m that mom, I call it quality control.

Seriously though, shoes and clothes and all are nice, but these little goonies… and my big goonie… they bring me to life.  My littles made my birthday special, simply by remembering to say “Happy Birthday” to me as soon as they woke up.  Their daddy told them to before they went to sleep, and just the fact that they remembered… it made my day.


So here’s to enjoying the year ahead, and making it the most stylish one yet.  Don’t forget to go read my Fredericksburg Parent post!



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