Finding Humor in Style

Hi everyone! Today, my post is all about graphic tees! And it’s also about my siblings (I miss laughing with them).  Something that you might not know about me, is that I have a very sarcastic, sometimes inappropriate sense of humor. It runs in my family. Growing up, I have many fond memories (and many embarrassing memories… hello teenage years) of hilarious conversations and situations. There was the time when my big brother decided to impersonate a pimple being popped using mashed potatoes when I had my boyfriend at the time over for dinner…hilariously embarrassing. Or the bathroom humor… this one time my sister, a friend and myself decided to make a fake cat poop out of clay and leave it on the floor during one of my parents fancy get togethers. We were in such a state of uproarious laughter that my brother was sent to check on us, he informed us that someone had picked up the “cat poop” in a napkin and left it in the kitchen sink…who does that?!? Cat poop in the sink… inappropriate, maybe, but HILARIOUS!

(My siblings and I, laughing at something as per usual)


My parents also share in our hilarious antics. Often, our whole family gets into laughing fits and we end up collectively unable to breathe.  It’s one of my most favorite things about my family (I know they are reading… so more laughter please). But anyways, back to graphic tees. I have a large collection of them. Which is weird, because I didn’t always like graphic tees. Partly because I didn’t know how to style them and partly because I felt silly wearing a silly shirt. However, once I tried it, I was hooked.

(Since this photo, I’ve collected a few more..)

The secret is in how you style it and your confidence in wearing it. So, my favorite way to wear graphic tees is with skirts, specifically pencil skirts. When wearing them this way, though, you have to remember body proportions. I almost always knot my shirts when wearing with a pencil skirt, that way the shirt isn’t too baggy or long in proportion to the skirt. I also LOVE adding edge to my graphic tees outfits. I do this by either adding a jacket

(This one is a caffeine molecule shirt, because …coffee!!!)

Or I do it using accessories, like these leopard heels, or my leopard booties.

If you’re wondering where most (but not all) of these fabulous shirts came from, check Zulily.  Often, they have sections dedicated to all kinds of hilarious shirts.  It’s a graphic tee wonderland. The caffeine molecule shirt came from my friend, Jessica, at Gia Rose, she’s super talented and you can find her shop on Facebook. For whatever reason, it won’t let me copy her link, but go check her out.

What do you think? Are you a fan of graphic tees? Do you like laughing?!?! If you answer yes then show me or tell me about your favorites! Or tell me a funny joke… either way. Laugh on my stylish friends.



Photographing a photographer

Todays post is a little off topic, but I think it’s relevant.  You might know that I am a family and newborn photographer here in Fredericksburg, Va., check out my photo work here.  I spend a lot of weekends working with amazing families and snuggling tiny babies.  My job is truly rewarding, I love what I do.  But what happens when I need someone to take a picture of my outfit for my style blog?

Chaos.  That’s what happens.  My husband is often the one that I ask to take my picture so I can have decent, non bathroom mirror selfies for my blog.  To be fair, photographing a photographer is hard! I feel for him, because I can be very critical.  Almost always we end up arguing because I want him to retake the photo so I don’t look like a half crazed lunatic standing like my leg is broken or missing.  It’s what I do as a photographer, I’m constantly adjusting either myself, or my client, to get the best angle.  I don’t merely stand and click.

He is learning though.  This week we did some photos downtown since the kids were at their grandparents house. With my coaching, he actually got a lot of decent shots!

Keep in mind that I chose the spots and I have to kind of direct myself, he has to show me what the picture looks like before we can move on… it’s a process. Often, I have to remind him not to have poles or trees coming out of my head, and to tell me if I look weird.  Although, giving him permission to tell me I look weird wasn’t my best idea.  He sort of took to giving me the “what the hell are you doing look” and telling me not to sit or stand that way.  It had me hoping that I’m not as demanding with my clients 🙂

I’ve also asked my kids to take my photo when we are at home and the husband isn’t around. The trouble with that is they are young, and are only 3 feet tall, so for those pictures I have to sit. Both kids are good at taking my picture, but my little girl (she’s 4) has really taken to it.  I think she wants to be a photographer when she grows up.  Here’s one of her pictures.

Sometimes she directs me to sit a certain way.  And she always takes a bunch of photos before she will bring me the phone to see.  Then she asks me if I am going to keep them. Of course I will… just maybe not all 100 of them.

Some day I hope to hire a professional photographer (you know because I AM one and I know the value that they bring) to follow me around and take my photos with multiple outfit changes. Until then, I will settle for the photos that my husband and kids take with my iPhone photos.



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I have a secret, I plan ahead

My guest post this week over at (Fredericksburg Parent)  is about how I plan all of my outfits ahead of time.

(A recent planned outfit)

I find that it really helps relieve the stress and craziness of my mornings. The mornings have me like…

(Coffee first, or I’ll cut you)

The struggle is real without coffee. I wish I had a sign that I could tape to my forehead that said “if I haven’t had coffee yet, don’t speak “. And that, my stylish friends, is why you need to plan your outfits. I usually plan up to two weeks out. I explain it all (here). And I have another tool…Pinterest.


Do you all use Pinterest?!? No, I’m not asking for pintresty ideas to organize the mess that is my kids playroom (I’ve already tried DIYing my own storage crates out of toothpicks and dust bunnies, but it didn’t meet my needs. Pinterest fail) I’m asking because you can use it to help plan your outfits. Yes, you can! It’s not just for crafty things and DIY projects. I often check Pinterest if I’m at a loss for something to pair with a top or a new way to wear my faux leather leggings (yes ma’am, I said faux leather leggings). Let’s say you really want to wear your new leopard pattern cardigan. Simply put in the search area “leopard pattern cardigan outfit” and whalaa!!! Magical Pinterest treasure trove of outfit inspiration!! It might also work the other way, let’s say you have a pair of lime green polka dotted Capri pants but Pinterest pulls up zero. That means one of two things, you are the lucky owner of a unique one of a kind item, OR they are out of style and you need to let those bad boys go to the donate pile. Unless when you held it, it gave you joy (hi, KonMari fans) then maybe repurpose them into kitchen towels or something. Now I’m currently searching Pinterest for diy kitchen towels.

For this outfit, I did a Pinterest search for “white dress outfit” and I found that I had all the pieces that I needed to recreate the outfit.  Score!!


I hope that you find planning your outfits ahead of time to be helpful.  And if you’re reading this before you’ve had coffee…I won’t take offense if even the mere thought of planning irritates you. I’ll simply hand you your coffee and back away, just don’t cut me.


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