Spring Transitional Outfit Ideas

Is it over? Is winter done now?!?? Can I come out? Oh, please say yes, I can’t take anymore winter. This week over at my Fredericksburg Parent blog, I am talking all about transitioning your outfits from winter to spring…that is if spring ever decides to show up.

I am so ready to see less dreary winter days, and more warm, sunny days, filled with butterflies and happiness…

Butterflies 🦋 #styleblogger

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Whoa, wait… me the princess of darkness Just said butterflies and happiness AND actually wore a pink butterfly dress?!?!? Y’all I think I have cabin fever… someone call for help. 😂


No, but seriously, head on over to My weekly blog at Fredericksburg Parent and check out some tips on how to bridge the gap between snow and butterflies…




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New In My Closet

Oh, y’all, I forgot to post last week! Spring break had me like…

Carline again. #momlife

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Exhausted, and like what in the heck is going on?!?!! Kids, am I right?


Anyways, this post was supposed to be for last week, but we are pushing it out to this week, because spring break for the best of me.  I’m slowly getting back on track, though. This post is about my new red jacket, and I think you need one too…

Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give it a read.  I even tracked down a link to the jacket! So you can buy one too and we can be twinsies.

This jacket is perfect for spring.  It’s lightweight and it’s a fun color.  Check out my post at Fredericksburg Parent to find out the details and get some styling ideas.


Next week I’ll be back, on time, talking about spring transitions.  Join me in praying that this current warm weather STAYS.  Because, this girl, needs to be warm.




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Happy Birthday to Me

Welcome back! I’m happy…sort of … to announce that my birthday is this week. On March 29th, I turn 38.

Honestly, I’m not thrilled.  I really don’t like my birthday, I don’t like getting older. But I am trying.  I am trying to see the bright side, to be happy that I was given another year on this Earth. To marvel at the wonder of life. And to appreciate Jellyfish more…


LOL, yes, jellyfish! My post this week over at Fredericksburg Parent is about those magical ocean creatures that we are all afraid of. I mean, just the thought of being stung by a jellyfish and having to pee on yourself to relieve the pain…I get the fear! They are a special kind of savage. As am I 😂😉

Beautiful and inspiring. I love jellyfish. #aquarium #jellyfish

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Head on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, here, and give it a read!


I’m going to go get this party started a few days early… cheers.



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