Closet Pains

My post this week over at Fredericksburg Parent is about my closet situation. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so head on over there and check it out.  It’s a good fun read. Have a laugh!


In the meantime, I’ve been busy over on Polyvore creating new sets for their contests.  It’s a lot of fun! Here are a few of my entries.

Rainy Day Attire:

Without rain, there's no flowers. #styleblogger #style #rainyday #rainmakesthingsgrow #floral #polyvore #rainyday #rainydayoutfit

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Throw and Go Dresses:

Easy. #easystyle #dresses #styleblogger #dressandgo #stylish #momlife #easydresses

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White Sneakers:

Simple white sneakers. #love #whitesneakers #polyvore #styleblogger #simpleoutfit #outfitideas #blush #rosegold

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I love combining text with the images, it makes it more fun! If you have the Polyvore app, look me up, I’m Rain-In-Style.


Stay tuned next week, when I discuss date nights.  I plan on talking a bit about a personal experience followed by another post about date night outfits and agendas.


See you over at Fredericksburg Parent!








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Fall Style

Fall is almost here, and I’m so excited. Fall is my favorite season.  When August ends and  my kids are headed back to school… I always start thinking and dreaming of fall.  So, of course that’s what my post this week is about over at Fredericksburg Parent. I’ve created a few fall outfits that I am itching to wear using the app Polyvore.  It’s my latest obsession.  I talk about the app and one of my fall flat lays in my weekly post.


This flat lay? I’m in love… I already have a lot of similar pieces, but here’s where you can buy these if you like them.

Fall flat lays #styleblogger #polyvorestyle #fallstyle

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Olive jacket- this ones from Gap Canada, here

floral jacket- here

black vest- here

black and white checked shirt- here

skinny jeans- here

earrings- here

black bag- here

booties- here


Fall season is almost here! Who’s excited? I think I might be a little too excited because I’ve made quite a few of these flat lays and will keep working on new ideas.  It’s fun! Besides, what else will I do while I wait for the Great Pumpkin?!?!?



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Luray or Bust

Ha. That title makes me laugh. But seriously, my post this week over at Fredericksburg Parent is about our trip to Luray Caverns.  I offer tips on what to do, and what to wear.

So, if your kids are still on summer break (mine are) and you need a break from the summer break (I hear ya, August is like the mood killer of summer fun), head out to see Luray! It’s worth a trip, and bonus because it sort of sounds like my name… Luray…Lorraine… same!!!

My loves #daytrip #momlife #loves

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Even my kids enjoyed the trip, here they are pretending to be King and Queen of the cave lands. For whatever reason, this tree throne made me think of GOT.  It’s not iron…but still.

Anyways, head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give my post a read.  And, if Luray is close to you, I say give it a try! Maybe you’ll find geodes and gems like these to adorn your iron…errr…tree throne.  Doesn’t the one on top of the pile look like a smile face?? Everyone’s happy at Luray…. even the rocks.

Our gems from Luray. #nature #exploring #beautiful #luraycavernsvirginia

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Stay tuned next week for my post about craving fall and fall style.


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