Need A Style Fix? Try Stitch Fix!

So while I work on typing my blog post about our weekend away (it will be up next week!) please go on over and read my post at Fredericksburg Parent… about Stitch Fix!



I talk about what Stitch Fix is, and my experiences, both good and bad, with them.  I brought a few of my favorite Stitch Fix items with me on our trip… they always get compliments.  While wearing the top above, an older woman told me I “looked so adorable”.  I loved her and wanted to adopt her and keep her forever.  We are besties!

Let me know now if you want to try Stitch Fix, or if you already do it, let me know your favorite pieces!! You know, because of course I might need them in my closet

Here’s the link again for the post at Fredericksburg Parent…  I will catch ya’ll over there.


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Love…in a blog post

Just me again.  My husband and I are headed out today on a grand adventure, without our kids! Just wanted to remind everyone to please go read my post at Fredericksburg Parent! Keep tabs on me there! It’s appreciated!!! I will fill you all in on our fun and all of my style choices asap!

You know this bag will be making an appearance on our trip. I’m in LOVE with it. It’s from Target, and you should go there immediately and get it. Do not stop at the Starbucks, do not check out the dollar section… go straight to the bags and GET IT. This one was the last one at my local store. This is not a drill!!!!


And this outfit also fits my blog post… color pop! Just sayin’


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Color Me

This week over at Fredericksburg Parent, I am talking about using pops of color to add interest to your outfit.  Seems simple enough, right? Maybe.  But how about using opposite colors to create a color blast…get it? Not a pop but a blast… yeah ok, moving on.

I know you probably think that I don’t do color. And you’re half right.  Often, I prefer dark colors and LOVE black.  In fact, I will be doing another post about my love affair with all black outfits.  But, I do enjoy color, it’s a great way to surprise people who think that you don’t do color…SURPRISE !!! This was my easter outfit and it had lots of color, hard to tell here…

I used to wear a lot of red, but now that my hair has bright pink streaks in it, I don’t wear it much.  I tend to go with colors that complement my new pink hair. Opposite colors  can do that, in this case blue tones, and they have made a comeback in my wardrobe. Also green, which happens to be one of my favorite colors.

I find that I bounce back and forth between using color in my outfits, or sticking to neutrals and black.  Even then, though, it’s fun to add an unexpected pop of color with your shoes or bag.  Head on over and read about it in my post at Fredericksburg Parent.

Keep it poppin, stylish friends.  This coming weekend, my husband and I are headed out of town for a weekend away, without our kids! Be on the lookout for a post about what I pack for a weekend away, and what kind of stylish adventures we get into.




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