Let’s Hear it for the Men…

Yep, that’s right, it’s all about men this week  and I ain’t even mad about it. Seeing as Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, I thought that I would talk about Men’s style.  Who doesn’t love a well dressed man?!?!?

Now, don’t let my dashing, stylish husband fool you… he hasn’t always been willing to try new styles in regards to clothing.  That’s what I talk about this week over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, giving the men in our lives a little gentle nudge into the world of style.


That last picture, that’s from last fall maybe? And, since then, I’ve convinced my husband to grow his facial hair out, and I’m not sorry! Lol.  Love how much older it makes him look!

I recently took my husband’s style into my own hands and started buying him new things to try, all of which I talk about at Fredericksburg Parent, so please head on over there and check it out. He insisted he wouldn’t like shirts with buttons at the collar…well sir, I beg to differ.


I’m not sure that I love the sandals in that last photo, but I’m not sure what other choices there are for men’s sandals. Guess I  need to do more “research”.  Don’t tell my husband 😉


So, tell me, do you have a style reluctant man in your life? Do you want him to branch out and embrace new styles? Go on over and read my post at Fredericksburg Parent and hopefully I can give you some ideas.



And,  if any of you know some tips on getting your guy to throw away socks and boxers that have more holes in them then Swiss cheese… let me know, asap.  The struggle is real with that one.  #sorryhoney



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Let’s Romp and Roll with Rompers

I know you love how amazing my blog titles are right? Lol.  It makes me laugh. Let’s chat about rompers.



Do you love them or hate them? Are you terrified of them?? I used to hate them! But now I wear one every week.  My post over at Fredericksburg Parent this week is all about rompers and how to style them.  Well, wait let me clarify, I’m talking about women’s rompers, and not the men’s version.  I’m sorry, men, but you gotta let us ladies have this… we look way better in them.




I have really become quite fond of rompers, but they do require some serious consideration in regards to using the bathroom.  Don’t be afraid! I go over everything to look for and to be aware of when shopping and wearing rompers in my post at Fredericksburg Parent, so go on over there and check it out.



Most of my favorite rompers have come from TJmaxx or Marshalls.  But I do have several from ThredUP and Stitch Fix that I love too. The black one in the first photo is from Francesca’s, the black one (it has a cute strawberry print) in the second photo is from TJmaxx and the striped one is from ThredUP.  This purple one is from Stitch Fix…




This time last year, I had one romper, and I rarely wore it.  Now I have six, maybe seven, and I’m still on the hunt for more.  Ya’ll know I have a serious style obsession.



And if you’re wondering, yes, I am wearing a romper today as I type this post about rompers.  It’s like coming full circle…a full circle of romper love.  This is me this morning…




Another photo just likenthe first photo in this post, I brought it full circle.  See what I did there?? LOL



Plesse head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and check me out.  I think I can convince you to love rompers.



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Show Me How Many Ways

Oh come on,  I’m talking about versatility!! Taking one basic item and creating multiple looks with it.  What did you think I was talking about?!?!


This week over at Fredericksburg Parent, I take a very simple little black dress and create several different outfits with it.  Ok, when I say several, I mean to say I went a little crazy and made like a dozen.  LOL.


I have a ton of little black dresses.  They are all different and I love them all… here’s a few…



But for the sake of this experiment and for my  Fredericksburg Parent post, I wanted to pick a simple dress that everyone should have in the closet, I chose a very basic little black dress, this one…


Using it as the foundation, I added and changed items and accessories to create different looks.  Head on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent and let me know how I did.  And tell me how many different ways you can…


Oh, come on!!!!! How many ways you can style an outfit.  Geez.  😉






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