LuLaRoe, LuLa-who??

LuLaRoe?? Yeah, I’m going there.  My post over at Fredericksburg Parent this week is all about LuLaRoe! Do any of you know and love the Roe?


I’ll be honest.  I didn’t always love it. When I first heard of the company, I thought that all they sold were crazy patterned leggings.  Soft? Yes, but crazy nonetheless.  Then I learned about their skirts and dresses.  I talk a bit more about this ephinany over at Fredericksburg Parent.  I have come to learn that Julia and Cassie are my new best girlfriends.  In LuLaRoe speak, the Julia is a dress and the Cassie is their pencil skirt. Although, LuLaRoe has a lot of different styles, and after trying on a few of them, my heart remains with Julia and Cassie.

(The Julia dress)


And, since I am not that familiar with the other styles and in order to further my research, I asked a friend of mine, who sells the clothing, to give me her two cents on it.  Here’s Amber, you can find her LuLaRoe page at LulaRoe Amber Quann


My name is Amber Quann and I became a LuLaRoe Consultant about a year after I purchased my first pair of addictive LuLaRoe leggings. I am a SAHM to my 2 year old daughter and definitely have found myself in the “mom rut” on many days — looking at the clock and seeing it’s 3pm, I’m still in my PJs and my hair looks a hot mess. Not to mention, my body just isn’t quite the same since I had a baby (still have some extra meat on my bones). I knew I needed a change for my own sanity, I wanted to feel beautiful again! I also didn’t want to look frumpy or out of style, but I struggled with feeling comfortable in my own skin. Then in walks LuLaRoe. Ladies, these clothes are amazingly comfortable! I wake up excited to get dressed!! If I had to pick the two items I wear the most (besides the leggings), it would have to be the Carly Dress and the Irma Top. Both of these items can be belted, layered, knotted, worn fitted or loose– you name it, I’m sure we can do it. But what I love most about the Carly and Irma is how well they compliment my body shape without making me feel frumpy or showing my lumps and bumps haha… since I carry my weight in my midsection. I love the versatility that each piece carries, how I am able to create multiple style options with one item (like a Cassie skirt worn as a skirt, a top, or as an infinity scarf!) Nothing makes me happier than seeing a woman’s face light up when she tries on our clothing and hearing her exclaim how beautiful she feels. This business and these clothes truly change the lives of the people they touch!”



She’s totally right about being able to change the look of a piece in so many interesting ways.  On my Fredericksburg Parent post, I show how another friend of mine helped me with changing the look of an Irma tee, which I loved so much that I bought it.  LOL. Plus the colors in the pattern match my hair, winning!!!

(The left is a Julia, and the right is an Irma tee tied to make it a dress!)



If you aren’t familiar with the brand, I’d suggest going to one of their pop up boutiques or attend a LuLaRoe party.  The ladies that sell it are knowledgeable and can help you find what works for you. Plus the women that I know that sell it really love what they do, and that’s always a bonus for me. It helps to try stuff on so that you can determine the correct size for you. Because a lot of their clothes are made from a stretchy material, I can fit into two different sizes, which is great because that opens up more possibilities.



So what do you all think? Do you already have LuLaRoe pieces, or are you ready to give it a try? How far into the addiction are you?? My collection keeps growing, because darn if I don’t keep winning  giveaways… LOL (shhhhh, don’t blow my cover).


Don’t forget to check out my post at Fredericksburg Parent for more LuLaRoe goodness.



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Give Secondhand a Chance!

So, my guest post over at (Fredericksburg Parent) this week is about buying secondhand.  In that post I discuss my love affair with ThredUP.  I am a huge fan of shopping secondhand, and ThredUP is probably my favorite source. My husband told me, just the other day, that our mail lady noticed how frequently I get ThredUP boxes. Their conversation went something like this…


Mail lady: “ I see your wife likes to shop at this store, she always has boxes”
Husband: “yeah, please tell me there’s none today…”
Mail lady: “I have three…”


Whoops! But, I mean… this entire outfit, from head to toe is from ThredUP.  It makes me so happy!!

And this amazing floral bomber jacket…

Both of these dresses came from ThredUP…


And these shoes and faux leather vest came from Thredup…


Seriously though, if you don’t know about ThredUP, read my (guest post,) you won’t be sorry!!! Just don’t shop my size, mmmmk? Good.


Of course there are other means of shopping Secondhand, like local thrift stores.  That’s what I am going to talk about today.  I visit our local Goodwill almost weekly.  It’s really quite an adventure, like a treasure hunt without any clues or maps.  So, if you don’t like a good hunt, Goodwill probably isn’t the place for you. That being said, I can offer you a few tips to keep in mind when shopping at Goodwill that will hopefully work for you.


  • Location matters- A Goodwill that is near an affluent community usually has better stuff.
  • The day of the week matters- I usually only go to Goodwill on Mondays or Tuesdays. If you think about it, most people drop stuff off over the weekend, so Monday and Tuesday are your best bet to get the good stuff.
  • Clothing color and condition – I usually stay away from white clothing, as it’s more likely to be stained. Also, I stay away from any piece that looks well loved.  Pilling and other signs of wear isn’t attractive.
  • You must be patient, and you must visit frequently. I usually go once a week and I almost always try to do so when my kids are in school. Because did I mention you need patience?? And my kids… have none of it.

I’ve found some of my favorite pieces at Goodwill.  Like this polka dot dress, pink lace dress, denim jacket and striped skirt.


This denim jacket is from Goodwill and the skirt is from ThredUP.


On my most recent trip to Goodwill I found all of these beauties, my favorite being this floral dress (I put a shirt over it in this outfit)..


So what do you think? Are you ready to give secondhand a try? Go on then…be stylish and do it for less… let’s call it frugalishiss.

Don’t forget to head over to Fredericksburg Parent and read my guest post!



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What’s your favorite pattern?

Do you know what the one thing that I love the most about clothes and shoes and everything stylish is? The choices. I’m talking about patterns today.  You can pretty much find something in any pattern, ever.  Can you guess what my favorite pattern is?? Here’s a hint,

Yessss, leopard print. I have a lot of it.  I have it in ALL the things.  Belts, bags, scarves, shoes, skirts, dresses, tops, cardigans… All the things.  Yes, even underwear, say what?!?!


I’m not sure why I love it so much, I know that some people hate it.  I guess it’s because it brings out my wild, sassy side.  It also is considered a neutral and can pretty much go with anything.  I’ve paired it with plaid, polka dots, camo and of course solid colors.



Leopard print is also my favorite way to add edge or interest to an outfit.  And literallly everytime that I wear these booties or my heels…

People take notice and I get lots of wonderful compliments.  Which is always amazing.  This one time at the grocery store, I was wearing the outfit above I think, and an elderly man told me he loved my shoes and that I looked very fashionable.  I just loved him!!!!!


If you ever find yourself asking “can I wear leopard pattern with this?” The answer is almost always yes! I tend to stay away from mixing different leopard patterns though, because they aren’t all the same.  It can be done, so says Pinterest, but I haven’t been succcessful yet.  I also don’t do head to toe leopard print all over… I don’t want to be the crazy leopard lady.


Even my little girl loves leopard print, here’s us from last year, we match. I guess I rubbed off on her, or we are the same…she is my mini me, after all.



So what’s your favorite pattern? Is it leopard?? Or maybe it is now 😉 If it’s not, or if you have an aversion to it, first, i’m sorry for this post and the trauma it caused, and second, why not give it a shot? In a small dose, like a bag, you might just find out that you love it.  Then you’ll end up like me and have it in all the things.