Do You TuTu?

Ha! That’s a funny tittle… but seriously, do have a tutu skirt aka tulle skirt? No??? Then you should. I’ve been wanting one for a long time.  And, it just so happened that one showed up on ThredUP and it was my size! It was like it was waiting there for me to find it, calling my name…heaven sent in it’s perfectness.  So I scooped it up and called it mine.    

My blog post for Fredericksburg Parent this week, talks about my tulle skirt obsession, and how they can be styled in a lot of different ways.  I’ve even done a bit of digging to try to find a tulle skirt just like this one, but in different colors.  Head on over and check it out, here.


I think a white one could be fun, but I’d want to be able to style it in a way that I don’t look like a bride.  For some reason, I always think bridal when considering white dresses or skirts.  Don’t ask me why.


And, in case you are wondering what my kids were doing during this mini photo shoot…have no fear.  They are always near by…


True comedians, they are.  At least my daughter is kind of doing a ballet move, she got the memo.


Anywho, I’d love for you to read my post at Fredericksburg Parent and let me know if you love (or hate) tulle skirts.  Get ready to dance and twirl and get your ballerina on.



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Getting Fit In Style

Be honest, how many time have you felt like this…


LOL. That meme never gets old. If only it were that easy.  But seriously, let’s talk about active wear.  Over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, I talk about workout clothes and I even brought in my trainer, Shannon (find her at her business page here), for her professional opinion on the topic.  Ya’ll know I prefer stilettos over tennis shoes and short skirts over leggings.  So I needed help with the topic!



I do workout, I’ve actually become quite fond of my workout time.  In my post at Fredericksburg Parent, I also talk about my fitness journey and my own preferences for workout attire.



The joy of having cute workout clothes, does motivate me a little bit. But you gotta have the drive inside too. Looking cute might get you off the couch, but the drive gets you moving.



Head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and check out my post.  If not, drop and give me 50.


Just kidding.


Oh, and I also reveal my shock at the answer to the question everyone wants to ask, but doesn’t.  Underwear or no underwear? Panty lines, thongs or commando?








It’s That Time Again

Yep, it’s almost Mother’s Day.  It’s that time of the year when us moms get to have our special day.  And that’s a great sentiment, but I’m in the “not loving Mother’s Day” camp.  I talk about my love/not love relationship with this holiday over at Fredericksburg Parent, so head over there to read it! Please?!?!

Trying to get a decent photo of my littles is really hard! My son is clearly not having it.  Notice how my daughter stands, she stands like me.  She really wants to be just like me, and I take that to heart.  In my post at Fredericksburg Parent I talk about the funny things my kids have taught me about style and one thing that I hope to teach them.



Most of my day is spent shuttling the kids around, and often I find myself stuck in the car line with rowdy, misbehaving  kids. It looks like this…


I mean, I love my kids, but the car line is a special place.  And by special place, I mean a place where my patience and noise tolerance is at an all time low.  It seems to bring out the crazy.  Good thing Mothers Day is on a Sunday, so there’s no special car line…if I’m lucky I will sleep for an extra five minutes and there will be minimal fighting.



That last part, wishful thinking, and I won’t hold my breath.


Head on over and read my post at Fredericksburg Parent, consider it a Mother’s Day gift to me. 😘







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