If You Take Rain in Style on Vacation…

… she will take five months worth of outfits and  leave little room for anything else…including the kids.


Just kidding, but only about the kids part.


Do you know those “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie” books??? Lol. I bet you do if you have kids. Funny but true… if you take me on vacation, I will most definitely bring way too much stuff.  My family and I went on our family vacation recently, and you can read all about it over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent.

We had such a blast in Lancaster, Pa.  Seriously, it was one of our favorite trips so far.  I’m sure the hotel we stayed at played a roll in that, I mean they did deliver food and drinks poolside! LOL.  But the kids are finally getting to be old enough that they can hang out longer and enjoy more of the day without needing naps. Which really comes in handy when we go our favorite place up that way, Dutch Wonderland.


They chose that face paint themselves, and do you notice that the colors coordinate with their outfits??? I swear I didn’t choose any of it.  LOL.  There was also this purple dinosaur that was stalking me… maybe he just wanted to know where I got my outfit.



From amusement parks, a zoo, Hershey Chocolate World (aka heaven), to breweries and shopping… come join me at my blog on Fredericksburg Parent as I take you along with us.  You never know, I might share my wine slushie with you…


But probably not.  LOL . They are just too good to share.  Trust me.


See you over at Fredericksburg Parent.  Let me know where you all are traveling to… maybe we will go there next time!  If you give Rain in Style vacation ideas… she might very well vacation forever.  ❤️




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Summer Fun, The Sequel

Hi again. Happy Fourth of July! What are your plans for the day? What are you going to wear?? I already posted my Fourth of July style post a few weeks back, find it here, so how about we talk about beating the heat with fun jewelry instead??



It’s one hundred million degrees outside, humidity is high, I start sweating as soon as I step on toe out the door… but it’s ok.  I mean, when you can play with fun colorful summer accessories and try to beat the heat with sass…it’s got to be ok, right?



So last weeks post was about summer accessories  and I had promised that I would write another post all about summer jewelry.  And I did, I can’t let you down.  Go on over to my blog at Fredericksburg Parent and check it out.  I talk about my favorite brands for fun jewelry and how I work them into outfits.



Summer is the best time to bring out the color and sassy attitude.  Because, you know, if someone doesn’t like your style choices, you can always blame the heat.



Ha.  “The heat made me do it.”…   “It’s so humid out here, I don’t enjoy it, so I just HAVE to wear something I love to brighten my day.”

That something for me is big, colorful, jewelry.  Love it.



Join me over at Fredericksburg Parent to read my new post! But first, set some sparklers and fireworks off and grab a beer… or two.  Because…priorities. LOL.  Enjoy your Fourth, friends.




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It’s Summer, Time for Fun!

As I am writing this blog post, we are on the road for vacation, headed to our usual spot, Lancaster, PA.  We love it there. I will write a blog post about our vacation fun another day, but for now, I’d like to talk about Summer Style! Over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, I talk about how summer is the perfect time to bring out the fun stuff.  I’m talking Colors! Sandals! Bright jewelry and accents! Pom poms!!!!!


Wait, did I just say Pom poms? Maybe the heat has gotten to me, because here in Virginia it does get really hot, really fast.  Why would I, miss edgy dark lady, like Pom poms?!?


Because, my friends, it’s summer time and in summer time, you can let out your inner crazy. For me, fun accessories are a must when it’s 200 million degrees outside.  They have a way of distracting you from the heat.


And because I have a lot of things to say on this topic, and because there are a lot of brands I’d like to feature, I’ve split the topic of summer accessories into two parts.  So, In my post at Fredericksburg Parent, this week,  I talk about clutches.  Bright, fun, Pom Pom adorned clutches.  So go on over and check that out.  Come join me in my crayon box! I have enough Pom poms and glitter for everyone!!!!!


Stay tuned for next weeks topic all about summer jewelry! More color, tassels and fun! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy our week away with my little loves (and my big one too)


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