The Hard Side of Mom Life

This week over on my blog at Fredericksburg Parent, here, i’m talking about the hard side of parenting. Well, at least one piece of the struggle. It’s a heartfelt post that I hope you will go read.

It’s one of my goals this year, to talk more about mom life as well as style advice. I would love for people to see the me behind the scenes. It’s a bit terrifying, but what’s a challenge without a bit of fear?

So head on over to Fredericksburg Parent and give my post a read. Leave a nice comment and I’ll share it with my littlest love.


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Where Will 2019 Take You?

Ok, so I’ve almost dug myself out of the landslide that is Christmas, and now I’m ready to start fresh for the new year! There’s something so freeing and refreshing about clearing out all signs of Christmas and getting back in control of my living room!

(During the Christmas chaos)

No joke, I’ve been on a cleaning rampage for the last week.  And that’s left little time for anything else.  I even committed a grave sin… I forgot to make the traditional New Years casserole… or in my family “the money dish”.  It’s a thing my family did growing up, you make this truly German dish, with all the meat and sauerkraut that you can handle, on New Year’s Day.  Eat it and it’s supposed to bring you money in the near year.  Y’all I forgot, so no one expect me to be throwing dolla bills around…mmmk? No drinks on me.

So besides the forgotten money dish and the Toy store that is now my house, my blog this week over at Fredericksburg Parent,  is about goals for the New Year, find it here.  I guess one of my goals should be to remember to make the “money dish” this year. Lol.  I could really use the magical money that it brings.

So, what’s on your to do list this year?  Let’s make 2019 the best year yet.


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Making Spirits Bright…Birthdays in December

“Are you ready for Christmas?” —That’s what everyone asks me these days.  Today, staring blankly at the Christmas stuff at the grocery store, that familiar question was asked.  And, while I giggled and offered my usual sarcastic comment about never being ready for anything with kids…in my heart I smiled.  There’s more to Christmas for our family, and that’s what my post this week is about over at Fredericksburg Parent, find it here.

I also share a bit of birthday fun! December is my sons birthday…it’s a special time of year.  Head on over and give the post a read to see what I’m talking about.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays, from my family to yours.




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